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Mediation is a process where an impartial third party helps clients resolve their disputes. Mediators use techniques to help parties
improve their communication and negotiation skills to develop an open dialogue so that solutions and a binding agreement can be

Mediation has many benefits such as:

    Control -- The parties who best know the situation decide on the outcome instead of a judge, commissioner, or magistrate who
    is not familiar with the people involved in the conflict.  Mediation also provides a platform where participants can come up with
    unique solutions which are beneficial to all.

    Cost --  Mediation can be much less expensive than litigation.

    Timeliness -- Parties can come to an agreement much sooner than formal litigation.

    Confidential -- What occurs during the mediation is confidential.

Don’t let conflict rule your life. I am a court-registered mediator, and ready to help you move forward. Call today to schedule an
appointment and learn more about my mediation services.
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